This Backpack provides substantial space to carry professional-level equipment. The backpack is designed to prevent unused space, be compact while transporting, provide protection for the equipment and be highly functional. It can be used for a photo shooting trip with secure protection for the equipment inside.

The cushioned compartment can hold a laptop up to 13 inches.

The front zippered section is designed to store equipment. Depending on the position of the inner partitions, the bag can hold a single lens reflex camera (middle model) with a lens attached and three additional lenses as a maximum capacity.

The 10mm thick inner case will firmly protect the equipment. The inner partitions are fastened with Velcro tape, making it easy to detach them and customize the inner case to suit the camera and accessories. The removable safety net is provided to protect the equipment from falling out.

The upper part of the bag is designed for personal items. There are two inner pockets with zippers. To reduce the strain of carrying the bag, the shoulder strap is affixed with a thick pad.

The rear side of the bag is made of mesh material, and is provided with a thick pad which helps the bag to fit the body better and to reduce the strain of carrying the bag.

The belts on the left and right of the bag serve to reduce the size of the bag, when necessary, and also can be used for holding a small tripod when travelling. The bag capacity can be changed by adjusting the hook`s position.

Nylon, Leather

Body Size: W285 × H410-490 × D140mm

Inner Size: W260 × H320 × D105mm

Mid-level DSLR with lens + 3 Lenses + MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina